Southern Aquatics Poole

Jayne Mildenhall
Senior Sales Adviser Poole / Expertise - Birds and Dogs

I run the Pet Stock Section and have many years’ experience in the trade. I specialise in birds and small animals and have many years of aquatic knowledge to offer.

Sales Advisor / Expertise - Snakes and Insects

Emma has been with us several years and is one of our Part-Time members of staff. She is very knowledgable on snakes and a wide range of insects and spiders.

Senior Sales Advisor / Stock & Aquarium Ornaments

Michelle is one of our longest serving members, very experienced in the keeping of a wide range of household Pets. She is our Stock Queen, excellent at putting away all our deliveries.

Senior Sales Advisor / Expertise - Small Animals, Birds & Reptiles

Lynn is the Reptile and Small Animal Manger,she looks after and orders most of our livestock. She is an all rounder with a great deal of knowledge in all areas.

Sales Advisor / Expertise - Planted Aquariums & Aquascaping

Tim is another one of our Part-Time members. He has many years experience in aquatics and specialises in Planted Aquariums and Aquascaping.

Senior Sales Advisor / Expertise - Fish, Reptiles and Small Animals

Paige is the Fish House Manager, she maintains the systems and helps to order the fish. Has been with us a couple of years and has gained knowledge in most all areas of the shop.

Wesley Norton
Owner/Manager / Expertise - Everything

My whole life I have had a passion for nature, with a particular interest in aquatics and Herpetology. I was lucky enough to study Aquatics at Sparsholts College and have worked with animals my whole working life. I have been fortunate in keeping and breeding many species of fish and reptiles with the proudest moment rearing baby Kuda seahorses.

Edward Perkins
Stock Manager / Expertise - Stock

I have worked for Team SA for over 15 years. I possess a degree in Marine Biology and a National Diploma in Aquatics and Ornamental Fish Management. I specialise in Aquatics and Stock Ordering.

Southern Aquatics Cadnam

Senior Sales Advisor / Expertise - Tropical Fish & Shrimp

Kev is another all rounder who does the lot for us. He is very experienced with Tropical Fish and Shrimp.

James Henniker-Parker
Owner/Manager / Expertise - Aquatics and Reptiles

I have 30 years of experience in the Aquatic trade and have also obtained qualifications in Fisheries and Aquatic Studies at Sparsholts College. I have a vast amount of knowledge in most areas of aquatics and herpetology.

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