Southern Aquatics Poole

Senior Sales Advisor / Expertise - Fish, Reptiles and Small Animals

Paige is the Fish House Manager, she maintains the systems and helps to order the fish. Has been with us a couple of years and has gained knowledge in most all areas of the shop.

Senior Sales Advisor / Expertise - Everything

What is there to say about Nick, he is the God Father of the Southern Aquatics, if he does not know it, it is not worth knowing.

Wesley Norton
Owner/Manager / Expertise - Everything

My whole life I have had a passion for nature, with a particular interest in aquatics and Herpetology. I was lucky enough to study Aquatics at Sparsholts College and have worked with animals my whole working life. I have been fortunate in keeping and breeding many species of fish and reptiles with the proudest moment rearing baby Kuda seahorses.

Edward Perkins
Online Manager / Expertise - Stock

I have worked for Team SA for over 10 years. I possess a degree in Marine Biology and a National Diploma in Aquatics and Ornamental Fish Management. I specialise in Aquatics and have a keen interest in tarantulas and African bullfrogs.

Jayne Mildenhall
Senior Sales Adviser Poole / Expertise - Birds and Dogs

I run the Pet Stock Section and have many years’ experience in the trade. I specialise in birds and small animals and have many years of aquatic knowledge to offer.

Jenny Griffiths
Senior Sales Adviser Poole / Expertise - Snakes

I have been working at Southern Aquatics for over 5 years and help to run the reptile department. I have an avid interest in reptiles especially snakes! I have 5 at home, including my 9ft Boa Constrictor.

Sales Advisor / Expertise - Snakes and Insects

Emma has been with us several years and is one of our Part-Time members of staff. She is very knowledgable on snakes and a wide range of insects and spiders.

Senior Sales Advisor / Stock & Aquarium Ornaments

Michelle is one of our longest serving members, very experienced in the keeping of a wide range of household Pets. She is our Stock Queen, excellent at putting away all our deliveries.

Senior Sales Advisor / Expertise - Small Animals, Birds & Reptiles

Lynn is the Reptile and Small Animal Manger,she looks after and orders most of our livestock. She is an all rounder with a great deal of knowledge in all areas.

Southern Aquatics Cadnam

Mark Brand
Cadnam/Poole Manager / Expertise - Marines and Aquarium Plants

I have over 25 years of experience in the Aquatic trade and have also obtained qualifications in Fisheries and Aquatic Studies at Sparsholts College. I have a vast amount of knowledge in all areas of aquatics but in particular marines and freshwater tropical planted tanks. 

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