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Tetra Goldfish Gold Japan has been designed especially for exotic goldish to offer the best nutritional mix suited to their individual requirements. The 145g Tub of Tetra Gold Japan Mix comprises of a special blend of vegetable proteins to encourage healthy growth and development as well as reducing intestinal problems. The expert formula also contains carotenoids to encourage the vibrancy of your fish colours.

The protein-rich Fluval Blend is the result of years of extensive research and advanced technology at the brand’s headquarters, using the highest quality of ingredients including Atlantic Herring and Norwegian Krill as well as essential vitamins and minerals for health and vitality in goldfish. 

The perfectly rounded pellets soften fast and sink to the bottom of your tank to encourage your fish to east whilst positioned lower in the tank to reduce the risk of them gulping large amounts of air when feeding from the surface. The advanced blend of nutrition provides your goldfish with everything that they need for healthy growth and development. 

  • Size: 145g
  • Perfectly rounded, sinking pellets that soften quickly
  • Best nutritional mix suited to exotic goldfish's individual requirements
  • Specially designed for exotic goldfish
  • Special blend of vegetable proteins
  • Encourages healthy growth and development as well as a strengthened resistance to infection
  • Contains carotenoids to encourage the vibrancy of your fish colours
  • Easy to administer
  • Easily digestible