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  • Premium fish food specially designed for exotic goldfish
  • Optimal blend of quality vegetable proteins and wheatgerm
  • Contains Tetra's BioActive Formula for increased disease resistance
  • Encourages healthy growth and development
  • Low waste for crystal clear, healthy aquarium water

Tetra Goldfish Gold Exotic has been specifically developed for exotic goldfish to provide them with a premium quality food which ensures optimally balanced nutrition. Rich in high quality vegetable ingredients and wheatgerm which precisely meets the natural feeding requirements of goldfish 

Tetra Goldfish Gold Exotic is the ideal diet to keep your fish in top condition. The floating food granules are highly digestible and offer optimal food conversion resulting in lower waste output.

This along with Tetra's patented BioActive formula helps encourage a healthy immune system, excellent fish growth and clear aquarium water.

Feeding Guide:
Feed 2-3 times a day, only feeding as much as your fish can consume within a few minutes. Vary your goldfish's diet with Tetra Goldfish FreshDelica.