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Oase AquaActiv SediFree uses a high performance 2 component system with active oxygen granules to decompose and dissolve pond silt.

Rotting vegetation and other waste such as leaves twigs and excess fish food can sink to the bottom of the pond and over time form a sludgy silt. SediFree’s active oxygen granules sink deep into this layer of silt and proceed to oxidise it, allowing the microorganisms contained in this formula to completely perform the task of decomposing the organic matter that forms silt. Works best and quickest in water of at least 10°C.

  • 2 component system for decomposition of silt and rotting organic materials on the pond bottom
  • Active oxygen granules sink through and oxidise the silt
  • High performance microorganisms then get to work and decompose silt and organic matter
  • Works best and quickest in ponds of at least 10°C
  • 500ml treats 10000 litres