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The Pontec PondoMax Eco 11500 Control are a new version of one of our most popular ranges of filter pumps, that now feature an inline digital control box allowing the flowrate of the pump to be controlled at the push of a button.
The pump controller display shows the current flowater as a percentage or can be switched to show watts power consumption.
The PondoMax pond pumps are highly energy efficient due to economical motors and as the flow is reduced the power consumption will drop, so during the winter you can easily slow the pump down and save money on the running costs.
The PondoMax 11500 controller connects to the mains power with a 2m cable and the run between the pump and controller is 8m.
These pumps will handle solid up to 8 mm and can be dry-sited if needed. To protect against overheating (due to dry running) these pumps also feature a thermal overload cut-out.

Product details:
  • Energy-efficient pump for filters and watercourses with an integrated controller
  • Digital Display
  • The controller can be used to adjust the performance level along a continuous scale
  • The display shows the current power consumption in W or the performance in %
  • Can be installed dry and submerged
  • Will pump debris particles of up to 8mm
  • Stepped hose adapter included in the scope of delivery
  • Includes dry running and blocking protection
  • Hose fitting included to fit 25,32 and 38mm hose sizes
  • Variable electronic flow control
  • Maximum wattage 100 w
  • Maximum11500 lph flowrate
  • Maximum head 4.6 metres
  • Control output from 1 - 100% of maximum flowrate
  • 10m Mains Cable