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The Pontec PondoAir Set is a complete, easy-to-install air pump set that reliably supplies oxygen to the pond water. The set is suitable for outdoor use and consists of an air pump that operates quietly with a high capacity.

Reliable pump for oxygen enrichment of the pond water.

What's inside the box?

  • An air distributor
  • 4x 5 m air hose
  • 4 air stones
  • Replacement diaphragms.

The pump is TÜV-tested and spray-water resistant (protection class IP44).

Recommended pond sizes:

  • 1800 model - 6500 litres
  • 3200 model - 13200 litres

Further information can be found on the product tech specs.

Please note that as an outdoor electrical item, this product is not supplied with a plug.

Model Dimensions Flow rate (l/h) Pressure Wattage
1800 220 x 160 x 180 mm 1800 0.25 bar 25w
3600 255 x 185 x 215 mm 3600 0.30 bar 35w