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he Oase PE 750 Preformed ponds are natural ponds with several planting and marsh zones. There is a bio-edge for marsh plants around the part of the perimeter to create a natural pond margin.

They are made from high-quality and long-lasting 3-4mm thick polyethylene (PE) that is of course friendly to the environment, animals and plants and are UV and frost resistance. They include various plant levels, marsh zones for creating a natural waterside-look.

Oase 750 Preformed ponds are easy to install and come with a 15 year guarantee.

Oase PE 750 - Preformed Pond Dimensions

Longest Length: 210cm - Widest Width: 140cm - Max Depth: 57cm
Marsh Zone Depth: 12.5cm
Shelf Depth: 23cm & 35cm
Capacity: 750 Litres

If you would like to finish this pond with edging stones or slabs, it has a perimeter of approximately 5.9m

Customer Notice: This product is available for collection only at our Poole store.