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Mr Johnson’s Supreme Hamster and Gerbil Mix is a tasty complementary feed for your small furry with a delicious fruity aroma. It is a fibrous, nutritious and wholesome blend of cereals, fruit, vegetables, seeds, nuts, mealworms, pellets and extrusions with a special Verm-X herb blend. A specially formulated blend for optimum health, it encourages your pet’s natural foraging instinct and aids in essential dental wear.

Verm-X is a 100% natural blend of herbs that helps towards the overall health and wellbeing of your pet. It is the natural way to control intestinal hygiene which is an important area that is often overlooked. It is formulated using a blend of 11 different herbs, chosen for their powerful and effective properties in supporting the intestines during periods of challenge. Verm-X is gentle on your small furry’s gut and digestive system and aids digestion.

  • Contains wholesome and delicious flaked cereals
  • With peanuts – a source of essential protein and oil
  • Added mealworms for animal protein
  • Dried carrot and banana for variety and nutrition
  • Fortified with vitamins and minerals

    Feeding the correct diet to your hamster or gerbil is essential for maintaining good health. Mr Johnson’s Supreme Hamster and Gerbil Mix should be fed together with suitable fresh fruit and vegetables. Fresh clean water should always be available.

    Ingredients: Concentrate nuts (wheatfeed, extracted sunflower, straw, sugar beet, calcium carbonate, molasses, grassmeal, sodium chloride, vegetable oil, vitamin & trace element premix), kibbled maize, flaked maize, flaked peas, flaked beans, whole wheat, wheat extrusions, sunflower seeds, locust bean extrusions, flaked naked oats, dried carrot, dried banana, peanuts, Verm-X herb blend, Soya oil.