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Mikki Muzzle

The Mikki Muzzle is suitable for dogs which have a tendency to show biting behaviour or to run after other animals. This muzzle is made of supple material and offers a suitable alternative for the traditional dog muzzle. This muzzle has an adjustable strap which makes it easy to attach with a click mechanism. This muzzle can be attached to your dog's collar to avoid your dog from pulling its nose out of the muzzle.

Key features

  • Easy and quick to put on
  • Enables your dog to pant, drink and be rewarded
  • For dogs which often chase other animals
  • For excessive biting behaviour




To check if the muzzle is correct for your dog, you can put one finger between the muzzle and the nose. When this is possible the dog can still pant, drink and be rewarded. You can also test it by giving the dog a biscuit with the muzzle on. When your dog is unable to open its mouth well, then the muzzle is too tight. If this is the case use the adjustable strap to make it longer. For additional safety, the muzzle can be attached to your dog's collar with the Velcro loop.


It is important to make sure you get the right size for your pet, before purchasing. Use the table below to find the correct size based on your measurements


Sizing Mikki Muzzle
Size Nose circumference Breed indication
Size 0 10 cm Small: Yorkshire Terrier
Size 1 12 cm Small: Jack Russell, Cavalier Spaniel, Dachshund
Size 1XL 13 cm Small: Westie, Whippet
Size 2 14 cm Medium: Beagle, Cocker Spaniel
Size 2XL 16 cm Medium: Springer Spaniel
Size 10* 22 cm Medium: Bull Terrier, Staffordshire
Size 3 18,5 cm Large: Doberman, German Shepherd
Size 3XL 19,5 cm Large: Labrador Retriever
Size 8 30 cm Large: Boxer
Size 4 24 cm Extra Large: Danish dog
Size 4XL 28,5 cm Extra Large: Saint Bernard, Wolfdog
Size 5 21,5 cm Extra Large: Bullmastiff
Size 5XL 26,5 cm Extra Large: Rottweiler