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As the first fully licensed, over the counter oral flea treatment for cats and dogs, 4Fleas is a market leading flea product that kills all fleas on dogs within 24 hours. Clinical trials have shown that it kills 4 times as many fleas in the first 3 hours, than other leading veterinary flea treatments. In fact, between 95% and 100% efficacy is observed within the first 6 hours after administration and complete efficacy is reached within 24 hours.

Johnson's 4fleas Tablets are an easy oral way to treat flea infestation in your dog or puppy. The tablets can be given whole or mixed into food, and they are safe to use with all other flea products. Cannot be washed off or groomed out.


  • 100% safe to have contact with a pet which is treated with 4Fleas Tablets.
  • 4fleas tablets are the only oral non insecticidal flea treatment on the OTC market.
  • 4fleas tablets are rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream of cats and dogs.
  • With 4fleas tablets, fleas only need to feed once before they are killed.

Contents: 3 tablets

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please fully read all the instructions on the pack and keep it for future reference. Use medicines responsibly and ask your vet for advice if your animal has a recurring flea problem.