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Your pets' love for you is something they express when they come to curl up in your lap and ask you for a cuddle. For you, there are many ways with which you can express your love. You can treat your pet with delicious food recipes every day or bring him his favourite toys. Another fun way to spend time with your lovely feline friend is by dressing him in cool accessories.

This James and Steel Cat Circus Velvet Kitten Collar with Bell is made from a plush fabric that is perfect to get your kitten used to wearing a collar. It is super soft on your cat's neck and reduces any chances of abrasions or suffocation.

The strap of this kitten collar is just loose enough to ensure comfort. It is secured with a buckle closure that clicks open every time your kitten is stuck somewhere.

To make it safer as well as more appealing, this comfortable cat collar also features a bell hanging from a sturdy D-ring. This bell keeps you updated with your kittens location so that he never strays too far.

Also, you can add a cat tag to this collar for identification, in case your cat gets lost or is left out somewhere. On the whole, this Cat Circus cat collar makes your kitten look more attractive and helps him to stay safe.

Product Benefits

  • Super soft, velvet kitten collar to keep your cat looking stylish while providing comfort
  • Stays secure on your kittens neck thanks to the safety buckle
  • Features a black bell to contrast well with the collars colour