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Not all cats look like Bengal cats with their leopard print coat. But all cats share the same hunter instincts. To match your cats personality, James and Steel has created the Cat Circus Leopard Print Cat Collar. Made from durable, lightweight materials, this comfortable cat collar will rest on your cats neck perfectly.

Each of these durable cat collars features a leopard print that will make your cat look adorable as well as smart. The collar contains a bell that lets you know where your cat is in the house, which can help in the dark so that you don't accidentally step on your feline friend at night!

Even a comfortable and well-fitting collar can sometimes be unsafe for your cats health. The Cat Circus collar is designed with a safety buckle that pops open if your cat gets caught. This saves him from choking and prevents any injuries on the neck from occurring while he is trying to free himself.

The construction of this cat collar with buckle uses a super soft material that is comfortable to wear. It does not include the use of elastics that may leave abrasions on your cats neck.

Since a cat needs to wear a collar, this Cat Circus cat collar will help your furry friend adapt to wearing one even if he is fussy. Also, you will love how smart and attractive your cat looks wearing this cat collar with bell.

Product Dimensions: 8 cm (D) x 1 cm (W) x 20 cm (H)

Product Benefits

  • Comfortable and attractive cat collar with a bell
  • Features a cat-shaped buckle closure that is easy to attach
  • Available in multiple colours to suit your cat - please add preference to notes and we will do our best to meet your needs