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Getting your cat used to wearing a collar is a good way to ensure his safety when you're not around. Cat collars have attached accessories to make them functional and more attractive for both you and your cat. One such useful and comfortable cat collar is this James and Steel Cat Circus Bouclé Kitten Collar with Bell.

This collar is designed with a bell that rings every time your lovely kitten moves his little body. It tells you where your cat is in the house while he carrying out mischievous activities. You can also attach an ID tag on your cats collar so that he can be easily found and returned home if he gets lost.

We all know how adventurous little kittens can be and they can get stuck inside the smallest of spaces and climb trees. This cute cat collar with bell has a safety buckle that opens immediately when your kitten gets stuck on a branch or something even more dangerous. This is how this soft cat collar with bell keeps your cat safe and comfortable, ensuring that he will never be harmed wearing it.

With time, the Bouclé fabric of this Cat Circus cat collar may wear out with continuous use or due to the actions of a curious cat who likes to scratch. So, as soon as the fabric starts to tear, you must remove and replace it at once. It will be best for you and your cat and ensure he stays healthy and happy.

Product Dimensions: 8 cm (D) x 1 cm (W) x 20 cm (H)

Product Benefits

  • Attractive Bouclé cat collar with buckle closure and bell
  • Feels soft on your kittens neck and helps him get used to wearing a collar
  • Can be hand washed with mild soap and water