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Minipond UV Clarifier can be used with any in pond or external filter for effective control of green water.

Effective long term control of green water.

Key Features:
  • UV light lamp kills green water algae
  • No detrimental effects to the environment or water quality
  • Effective in conjunction with all filter systems

Pond Size Rating
Shaded pond with average depth of 75 cm = 6000 litre
Pond in full sun = 4500 litre
Shallow pond (average depth under 75 cm) = 4500 litre
Shallow pond in full sun = 3375 litre
Shallow pond in full sun with Koi = 1687 litre

Blagdon MiniPond 6000 Features
Effective long term control of green water
Chemical free
Economical to run
Safe and simple to install
Compact design
Fixing brackets

Blagdon MiniPond 6000 Specifications
Power: 9 Watts
Max. flow: 3000 litre/hour (660 Gal/hour)
Outlet Size (mm): 12.5/19/25 (Best flow achieved with 25mm)
Cable: 5m
Safety rating: IP56
Guarantee: 2 year

Guide to MiniPond UV set up
1. Pump
2. Hose
3. MiniPond UV
4. Filter
5. Waterfall