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Add an extra dimension to your aquarium with subtle evening lighting.

Keep your fish content with an evening light effect which mimics their natural environment.

Evenings might never be the same again once youve fitted one of these atmospheric wonders in your aquarium. Creating a beautiful moonlit effect in your aquarium, these Blue Moon LEDs emphasise your fish and plants in a completely different way. Enjoy seeing your aquariums nocturnal species come out to play, comfortable in the soft, gentle light. And if you have a Glow Aquarium, watch out - Blue Moon LEDs will turn your aquarium into a real spectacle.

Blue Moon LEDs are fully submersible and low voltage giving you complete peace of mind. They're also childs play to fit: simply attach to the hood of your aquarium using sticky pads, glue or screws. Or why not use the suckers to fit them underwater for a truly beautiful evening viewing treat?


  • Low wattage 0.2w LEDs
  • Economical to run
  • Low profile transformer can be discreetly tucked away
  • Inline switch is easy to access
  • Simple to choose - fits any aquarium
  • Brackets included for easy fitting

  • Box Contains


  • 2 x 18.5" (470mm) Single 24 x 0.2w LED System
  • Low profile transformer with inline switch
  • Multipurpose fitting brackets
  • UK Plug