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Interpet Gold Tapsafe 125ml treats your tap water to make it safe for your goldfish, by removing harmful chlorine and heavy metals from the water. It also helps protect your fish with protective colloids, which give the goldfish a protective layer around their delicate skin and gill membranes.

Use as part of your regular maintenance programme, when changing or refreshing water for healthier, longer-lived fish. Untreated tap water contains chlorine and heavy metals and can be dangerous for aquatic life. Gold Tapsafe quickly removes these nasties from your tap water. It also adds soothing Aloe Vera to help protect and heal fish skin and gills, and beneficial bacteria to help maintain a healthy balance in your aquarium.

Key Features:
-Makes tap water safe for fish;
-Works instantly;
-Contains protective aloe vera.

For use in all tanks.

Suitable for use with coldwater and tropical fish in freshwater aquariums.

125ml treats 75 litres (16 gallons) of water.