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Fishmeal Free Food, Made with Insects and Crustaceans the Natural Choice

In the wild, most tropical aquarium fish do not eat other fish, yet we still feed them fish-meal based products. Instead, most fish have evolved to eat insects and small crustaceans, and have developed a digestive system to fit.

That's why Fit & Wild has been formulated with four different insects and crustaceans, to give your fish the best and most natural diet possible to keep them fit and healthy.

Billions of fish are raided from the oceans every year to make fishmeal. This is then blended into items like aquarium fish food. Fit & Wild has been expertly formulated to be completely fishmeal free to protect the oceans resources, yet still provide a complete nutritional diet for your fish.

By feeding Fit & Wild, you are giving your fish the food they would eat in their natural environment, whilst saving wild fish, and helping protect the oceans.

 Best for the ocean
 Fishmeal free
 Best for your fish
 Made with insects and crustaceans

Feeding Guide...
Feed as much as fish will consume in 2 minutes, 2-3 times a day. DO NOT overfeed and always remove uneaten food with a net.

Crude Protein 43%, Crude Fibre 3.8%, Crude Fat 4%, Crude Ash 11%