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Interpet Fit & Wild Goldfish Pellets is a new fishmeal free diet for Goldfish. It is made from highly palatable insects and crustaceans just like they would eat in the wild. Suitable for all Goldfish varieties and other coldwater fish.

 Fishmeal is one of the main ingredients of many aquarium fish foods, but it is often harvested from the ocean in the form of small oily fish like anchovy. Millions of tonnes of these forage fish are raided from the oceans every year, which puts a massive strain on the marine food web and the animals that rely on them for food, like dolphins, sharks and whales. Fit and Wild contains zero fishmeal to help protect the world’s forage fish resources and the animals that they support.

All Fit & Wild foods are expertly tailored to provide your fish with a balance of all the nutrients they need to be fit, healthy, colourful and in great condition. As a result, you can be safe in the knowledge that you are giving your fish a fantastic food that fulfils all their dietary needs.