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Attract a variety of bird species to flock to your garden with this contemporary, robust peanut feeder in cool grey featuring an easy opening lid and a removable base to make it simple to clean and maintain throughout the seasons.

At a height of 200mm can easily holds approximately 250g of 'Premium' or 'Classic' Peanuts. Ideal for you enticing several bird species to your garden, such as Blue Tits, Robins and Great Spotted Woodpeckers who favour peanuts. Constructed from a strong plastic and steel, ideal for novices or experienced bird feeders. Help to keep your wild birds healthy with some basic hygiene principles by cleaning between refilling.

The feeder can be hung from a feeding station or a tree branch. Place your feeder in a safe position, where the wild birds have a good vantage point and are out of reach of predators.

Height: 200mm