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  • Prevents cloudy & green water
  • Suitable for fresh and saltwater aquariums
  • Quick and easy to install
  • CCFL runs cooler for longer life
  • Compact powerful design
  • Energy efficient design
  • 2 Year Warranty

The Fluval In-Line UVC Clarifier can be quickly and easily connected to most canister filter setups. The In-Line UVC Clarifier eliminates suspended bacteria and algae for a clear and healthy aquarium.

Fluval CCFL technology attacks cloudy and green water by applying powerful, DNA-destroying UVC light emissions.

This natural process is chemical-free and will not affect beneficial, surface-dwelling bacterial colonies that are already established.

With its distinctive compact design, the Fluval UVC unit fits neatly within most aquarium cabinets without cluttering existing filtration systems.

Fluval In-Line UVC Clarifier Main Features:
- Prevents cloudy and green water outbreaks
- A chemical-free and maintenance-free way to purify water
- Eradicates suspended bacteria and algae in the water column
- Requires ZERO upkeep once installed
- Helps prevent growth of cyanobacteria, which often smothers and destroys aquatic plants
- Suitable for freshwater, saltwater and even turtle aquariums
- Compact design redirects water flow around the bulb to maximise contact time
- Connects in-line to all canister filter hosing with an internal diameter of 16mm
- Multi-directional – works in either direction (no need to move existing filter setup)
- Installs in just minutes
- Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp (CCFL) runs cooler than traditional UVC bulbs
- Lasts up to 3X longer with 30,000 hour bulb
- No need to switch out expensive replacement bulbs every 6-12 months
- Included 4–24 hour timer permits optional intermittent use
- Up to 80% less expensive to operate than competitive clarifiers
- Compact design fits into aquarium cabinets without cluttering existing filter setup