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Linear Fluorescent Lighting System is designed to deliver massive light output that is ideal for reef or extended planted aquarium. It is sleekly designed and aesthetically enhanced with aluminum accent panels and includes adjustable blue LEDs for night vision.

Lighting includes high-efficiency, water-resistant, compression-fit bulb end caps to aid in long life and superior performance.

Its superior design and massive light levels ensure

 excellent results in all freshwater and saltwater aquariums.

Quadruple Linear Fluorescent Lighting System for massive light output, ideal for reef or extended planted aquariums

  • Provides superior performance and powerful light levels
  • Compact design - high light output
  • High-gloss reflector for maximum light emission
  • For freshwater and seawater aquariums
  • With 4 blue LEDs night
  • Sleek, aesthetic design enhances aquarium
  • Waterproof compression-fit end caps to support long life and superior performance
  • T5 HO electronic ballast
  • Expandable brackets allow for easy installation on a variety of aquarium widths
  • For use with Fluval T5 HO (High Output) aquarium lamps
  • Length: 122cm - 138cm
  • Required bulbs: 4 x 54 W (115cm)