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Fluvals Media value packs are designed for use with the 06 or 07 range of external filters.  A complete saver pack with 6 months supply of the premium Chemical and mechanical filtration media.  Contains 12 x Carbon 100g (A1440), 6 x Quick Clear Polishing Pads (A242) and 12 x Phosphate Remover Pads (A260).

Fluval Carbon is a highly effective filtration media designed for removing odours, discolouration, pollutants and contaminents from the water - including heavy metals.

Fluval Quick Clear is a fine polyester water polishing pad for gin clear water.  Quick Clear effectively traps micro particules and debris, leaving thre water crystal clear - ideal for post maintenance or cloudy aquariums.

Fluval Phosphate Remover is a chemical filtration media designed to remove phosphates from the aquarium water and therefore help reduce algae growth.

  • Maximum Mechanical and Chemical filtration media for optimum water quality
  • Designed specifically for the Fluval 306/307 and 406/407 canister filters
  • Convenient value pack format
  • 6-month supply
  • For use in freshwater and saltwater aquariums
  • 12 x Carbon 100 g / 3.52 oz (Item #A1440)
  • 6 x Quick Clear Polishing Pads (Item #A242)
  • 12 x Phosphate Remover Pads (Item #A260)