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This fluffy fish-shaped toy will entertain our cats for hours with its realistic flapping motion! The Groovy Fish Catit has 3 different movement modes to further stimulate cats' natural hunting instincts.

The Groovy Fish Catit contains a highly sensitive motion sensor, which is activated by the cat's touch. When playtime is over, the toy automatically goes into standby mode to save energy.

CATNIP simply irresistible

Our unique blend of catnip and matatabi is extremely potent and is sure to stimulate our cats to play for hours. The toy includes two bags of catnip, one is pre-inserted in the pocket of the fabric pouch and the other is a replacement for when the smell has dissipated.

USB rechargeable

Red LED = charging

Green LED = fully charged

No more dead batteries to throw away after use

The Catit Groovy Fish comes with a USB cable for quick and easy charging. The Groovy Fish has a high capacity battery, with 250 movement cycles per charge! It takes approximately one hour to fully charge the toy.

High quality fabric cover

The Catit Groovy Fish is available in pink and blue. Its adorable graphic design is printed on cat-safe materials using eco-friendly technology.

To remove the padded cover, simply open the Velcro strap on the belly of the fish. The cover is hand washable at 30° C.

Tougher, cuter, stronger, better

The motor is covered by an extra durable casing that helps absorb shocks, which prolongs the life of the toy.

Technical Specifications

Size of Groovy Fish

Dimensions: 27 x 4.5 x 14.5 cm (L x W x H)


Capacity: 500 mAh

Charging voltage: 5V

Product features

3 different movement modes

USB rechargeable (250 cycles per charge)

USB cable and 2 bags of catnip included

Removable fabric cover

Extra durable motor housing