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Natural pure ingredients - so you know exactly what you are feeding your cat
Rich in Protein.

No artificial flavours or preservatives - Free from genetically modified ingredients that don't need to be there.

Many delicious flavours - Add choice and texture to your cat’s diet. Even the pickiest of cats will find it hard not to find one that they like.

Grain Free - Helps digestion for your cat

Complimentary Wet Food - Ideal supplement for any cat’s dry food diet to make a complete and nutritious meal

A tempting fish terrine topped with select cuts of meat and vegetables. This dual-layered complimentary wet food is made from 100% all-natural fresh ingredients, only the best for your feline friend.

Suitable for cats of all ages and life stages.

You can feed up to 2.5 pots per 2kg of body weight daily. Serve at room temperature and refrigerate unused portion.