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Marine GLO Fluorescent lighting is an ideal choice for those hobbyists looking for an affordable way to enhance the growth of their corals and the health of their invertebrates. The Marine GLO provides a strong actinic blue light emission and is strongly recommended for photosynthetic coral, invertebrates and other marine fish.

The strong actinic blue light of Marine GLO, enhances natural blues and greens of livestock and provides spectacular evening viewing when just the Marine GLO bulbs are illuminating the aquarium.  The lighting tubes are both easy to mount and suitable for all marine environments.

Marine GLO T8 Fluorescent tube lighting is also suitable for fitting all standard and electronic ballasts, and is also recommended for use with Power GLO, Life GLO bulbs or other lighting without a strong actinic spectrum

  • Enhance the growth of corals and the health of invertebrates and all marine life
  • Enhances natural blues and greens on livestock
  • Provides spectacular evening viewing
  • Easy to mount
  • Suitable for all marine aquariums
  • Enhances the natural colours in fish and corals
  • Recommended for use with Power GLO or Life GLO bulbs
  • Suitable standard and electronic ballasts
  • Easy to mount