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EDPM is a type of synthetic rubber and is considered one of the finest types of pond liner material. At 0.75mm thick, Greenseal EDPM pond liners are much thicker than cheaper PVC or HDPE liners, and have a softer, more supple texture, making them easier to fit. The liner is so durable, it even comes with a lifetime guarantee.

These Greenseal rubber pond liners are easy to install thanks to their soft and stretchy EDPM rubber material. They are softer and stretchier than HDPE or PVC liners, making them the easiest to install.

You'll need an equal-sized pond liner underlay to sit beneath your liner for maximum protection against punctures.

Greenseal Pond Liners come with a market-leading lifetime guarantee. As with all pond liner guarantees, this covers damage from sunlight, rather than punctures, and it's still essential to place these liners onto a soft, puncture-resistant layer of pond liner underlay.


Pond size Small to Medium
Guarantee Lifetime
Material EDPM synthetic rubber
Colour Black
Thickness 0.75 mm
Liner suppleness Very supple
Liner stretchiness Very stretchy
Underlay colour White
Underlay included Sold separately
UV resistant Yes