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Natural substrate made from coconut chips (external fibrous shell of coconut). Suitable for terrariums of all types of reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates, it allows you to reproduce a living space close to their natural environment. Coconut husk is very convenient for use in all habitats (wet, semi-wet and dry). Natural effect of reducing germs and reduces the risk of mold.

Use: Place in the bottom of the terrarium a suitable layer of Gigahusk according to the needs of your pet. Burrowing species require a large amount to allow them to make burrows. Moisten for your tropical species and maintain the level of moisture each day by spraying. A daily cleaning is necessary even if the coconut allows to naturally retain the odors. A complete replacement of the substrate is recommended minimum every 6 months. Can be mixed with Gigacoco coconut fiber for an even more natural look.