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EMP Superior Eggs Food is a complimentary feed for cage and aviary birds. Made from the finest ingredients it has been formulated to ensure that your birds receive all the nutrients they need to stay healthy. There is no need to add any further supplements to your birds diet when using EMP.

How To Feed EMP Superior Egg Food

The usual method to feed EMP is to mix with water to create a soft, crumbly mixture. Many long-term users have their own preferred method of feeding- it is not important how you feed EMP; your birds will benefit from the nutritional goodness however you choose to feed it. For optimal results feed EMP up to 3 times a day during rearing and daily during the rest of the year.

  • Superior egg food
  • Suitable for cage and aviary birds
  • Provides necessary vitamins and minerals
  • Ensures a complete well balanced diet
  • Essential for successful rearing