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  • Absolute Nano Shrimp Algae & Mineral Rich Sinking Pellets specifically developed to feeding Ornamental shrimps.
  • Absolute Nano Shrimp offers a balanced nutrient-rich diet comparable with natural foods without the risk of parasites or bacteria that they could contain 
  • Absolute Nano Shrimp Pellets rapidly become soft by absorbing water whilst retaining its desirable shape with no clouding of water

Feeding Guide:

  • Feed twice daily at the amount your shrimp can completely consume within a few minutes. 
  • Care should be taken to avoid overfeeding.


  • 0.5-0.8mm

Analyses (%)

  • Ash 8.3 Protein 37% Fat 9 Crude Fibre 1.0 Calcium 2.3 Total P1.26 Sodium 0.4
  • Vitamins added
  • Vitamin A (IE/kg) 20000 Vitamin D3 (IE/kg) 2620
  • Energy (Mj/kg)
  • Gross Energy 21.1 Digestible Energy 17.9
  • Trace elements (mg/kg)
  • Copper 5.5mg Iodine 5.5mg Iron 66mg Manganese 22mg Zinc 66mg