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Cloverleaf Absolute Tortoise Wormer provides full protection for Tortoises, treating for internal worms, ticks and parasites.

Ideally used every 3 months, this is the perfect way to ensure optimum health for your tortoise, especially before hibernation.

Quickly and easily treat your tortoises at home, without the faff of vet appointments, making it stress free and easier for your tortoise.
The Cloverleaf Absolute Wormer is a flubendazole based medication for use against intestinal helminthic worms and external ticks.

Worms are a fact of life for tortoises which in the past has been responsible for many failed hibernations, every tortoise can carry its own complement of parasitic worms.
When in good condition and health, these worms are not a problem, but as soon as the tortoise is stressed or hibernating,
its natural immunity is compromised and internal parasites can take a hold.
This product will control tapeworms and other helminths, and help to ensure a successful hibernation.

+ 5% Pro-Strength Reptile Formula
Sprinkle onto the tortoise’s usual food or added to the water when bathing
Rapidly reduces gut parasite burden on your tortoise
The secret to a successful hibernation
Pack size: 5g