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Cloverleaf Absolute Clear is an extremely effective flocculent designed to rapidly clear green and cloudy water. Absolute Clear is a 100% natural solution, safe for use with all fresh water species of fish. When add to the water a reaction occurs forcing particles such as algae and sediment to clump together and fall out of suspension. These larger particles will then be removed more effectively by pond filtration systems or will break down naturally by enzymes on the base of the pond.

When used in ponds we recommend you use Cloverleaf Absolute Clear from spring and repeat twice per month to help maintain water clarity. Please note Absolute Clear works more efficiently when used in conjunction with a a pond filter system.

Absolute Clear is available in three sizes:

- 250ml Bottle Treats 5,675ltr (1,250Gal)
- 500ml Bottle Treats 11,350ltr (2,500Gal)
- 1Ltr Bottle Treats 22,700ltr (5,000Gal)

10ml per 227ltr (50Gal)

Use twice a month for best results, do not use more than twice a week as this will inhibit the efficiency of the product.

  • 100% Natural solution
  • Dramatically improves water clarity through flocculation
  • Clears green and cloudy water fast
  • Concentrated formula
  • Helps maintain clear water
  • Safe to use with fish and plants
  • Available in 3 size; 250ml, 500ml and 1Ltr