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Lernaea species, commonly known as “anchorworms,” are crustacean, copepod parasites that can infect and cause disease & mortality in many types of freshwater fishes, especially wild-caught and pond-raised species.

Infestations with Lernaea are most prevalent in the summer months and occur more commonly in stagnant or slow-moving water bodies.

How it Works:

Absolute Aqua-Vet Gill Maggot+

is an effective medication to target treat a specific parasite species. Absolute Aqua-Vet Gill Maggot+ Is a powerful chitin inhibitor. Absolute Aqua-Vet Gill Maggot+ works by Interfering with the development of the new chitin exoskeleton. the parasite will continue to feed and develop normally until it is time to shed its old exoskeleton. At this point, the parasites die due to the inability to form a new exoskeleton and mouthparts not forming, resulting in its death.

How To Use:

Treat on days 1, 15 & 30 Shake bag to decompact medication before measuring. 

Recommended Dosage:

Add 1g of Absolute Aqua-Vet Argulus+ per 7.35 gals (33.36 L) of pond water.

Turn off Ultraviolet sterilisers then add the correct amount of medication to a watering can of pond water & distribute contents evenly Across the surface of the pond. Turn Ultraviolet sterilisers back on after day 45.

When using with river type fish such as Orfe, Rudd & Sturgeon Ensure extra oxygen is provided.