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How it all began

Southern Aquatics was founded in April 1990 at our Christchurch Store by Andrew Battison. After five years or so building a successful aquatic store we decided to branch out and sell other pets. Our small pet department went from strength to strength, but could not realise its full potential in such a small space. In April 1998 our Creekmoor Poole Store was opened with a very large pet department. Our business at Poole expanded rapidly and we had to constantly take on additional staff to keep up with the expansion and strengthen our sales Team.

In 2006 we started to specialise in reptiles and amphibians as this was becoming a growing sector in the Pet Industry. In October 2008 we opened a store in Cadnam within the then site of Golden Acres Garden Centre and moved from our premises in Christchurch.
In both stores we place more emphasis on customer service than on self-service. Apart from the fantastic prices we offer in store, we have built a reputation on friendly, knowledgeable staff and excellent service. Whilst our staff’s ability, experience and qualification levels differ, all our staff have a passion for the pets that we sell, and the animals' welfare is at the forefront of this.

Our Poole Store has a large selection of fish (tropical and pond), reptiles (including amphibians and invertebrates), birds and small animals. The Poole branch also has a large wild bird section to cater for all our garden visitors. We offer well stocked shelves and a great range of products to take care of all your animal needs. Why not visit Southern Aquatics Cadnam set in the heart of the New Forest just off the A31. Situated at Dobbies Garden Centre its a great morning and afternoon out. Our Cadnam store is smaller, but has a great range of tropical, marine, pond fish and reptiles. Now under New Management & Ownership we aim to grow and carry on Andrew's Legacy.

Our Team

Expertise - Everything

Owner / Manager

My whole life I have had a passion for nature, with a particular interest in aquatics and Herpetology. I was lucky enough to study Aquatics at Sparsholts College and have worked with animals my whole working life. I have been fortunate in keeping and breeding many species of fish and reptiles with the proudest moment rearing baby Kuda seahorses.

Expertise - Aquatics and Reptiles

Owner / Manager

I have 30 years of experience in the Aquatic trade and have also obtained qualifications in Fisheries and Aquatic Studies at Sparsholts College. I have a vast amount of knowledge in most areas of aquatics and herpetology.

Expertise - Stock

Stock Manager

I have worked for Team SA for over 15 years. I possess a degree in Marine Biology and a National Diploma in Aquatics and Ornamental Fish Management. I specialise in Aquatics and Stock Ordering.

Expertise Snakes & Insects

Sales Advisor

Emma has been with us several years and is one of our Part-Time members of staff. She is very knowledgable on snakes and a wide range of insects and spiders.

Expertise - Fish, Reptiles and Small Animals

Senior Sales Advisor

Paige is the Fish House Manager, she maintains the systems and helps to order the fish. Has been with us a couple of years and has gained knowledge in most all areas of the shop.

Expertise - Small Animals, Birds & Reptiles

Senior Sales Advisor

Lynn is the Reptile and Small Animal Manger,she looks after and orders most of our livestock. She is an all rounder with a great deal of knowledge in all areas.