Tetra Algorem Pond Greenwater Treatment 1000ml


Tetra Pond Algorem, a fast, effective, and safe treatment for green water (suspended algae).

Treats up 20,000 litres of Pond Water

50ml of AlgoRem for every 1000 litres (220 gallons) of pond water.

When a pond develops green water it can become unsightly and makes it hard to enjoy and monitor the health of your Pond Fish. Green water can quickly develop from large numbers of single celled algae that are fuelled by sunlight and nutrients.

TetraPond Algorem is the perfect choice for treating the water to clean it of this algae. Working in a matter of hours, the Algorem will quickly destroy any floating algae and bind them in the clumps that can be easily pumped to a filter system and effectively cleaned and destroyed. The larger clumps also make removal from a pond with a net, a lot easier.

Following treatment, remove as much clumped algae from the pond as possible to prevent it rotting down and releasing more nutrients into the water.

It is advisable, as with any algae-removing remedy, to aerate the water during treatment.

Always read the instructions carefully before use, especially in softwater areas.

Biologically safe for both fish and plants


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