Problems Priming an External Filter?


Having Problems Priming A Filter?

Priming an External Filter


  1. Set up the filter in position with all the pipes connected and importantly no water in the canister or pipes. At this stage the filter should not be plugged in.
  2.  What you want to do is to create a siphon going into the filter. The best way to achieve this is to give a quick little suck on the outlet pipe of the filter that returns the water to the tank. What this does is creates a siphon of water into the canister.
  3. What you have to do is to wait to for the water to fill up the canister (this helps to expel all the air out of the system). If the outlet pipe is under the water level you will see the air being expelled.
  4. Once the canister is full of water it will settle just above the outlet of the filter, at this point plug in the filter and it should work straight way.
  5. This is my trusted way of priming most external filters and has never let me down to date.


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