Pondomatic Pontec Pond Sludge Vaccum Cleaner


Pondomatic Pontec Pond Sludge Vaccum Cleaner

  • Extremely high suction power of 1400 watt
  • Maximum suction height of 2 m
  • Compact design with integrated 30 litre sludge tank
  • Automatic activation and emptying of the tank through integrated time control
  • Including 3 suction nozzles
  • Including 4 m suction hose and 2 m discharge hose
  • Including Pontec quality promise: 2 year guarantee

Not only leaves, pollen, or dust settle on the pond floor, algae or fish excrete also sink to the pond floor. Over time enough debris accumulates that it should be removed on a regular basis.

No problem for the Pontec PondoMatic sludge vacuum. This special vacuum for ponds and pools effectively removes the sludge, suctions it into its sludge tank to a height of 2 m, and in addition can be activated and emptied automatically - thanks to the installed time control.


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