Oase Aral Sea Basalt Preformed Pond Clearance


Oase Aral Sea Basalt Preformed Pond

Size - 2.28m x 1.81m x 0.86m (1000 Litres)

Colour - Basalt

  • Ultra strong material. Durable, abrasion resistant, impact resistant, as well as weather resistant; made of linear high pressure polyethylene LLD-PE
  • Grained surface offers ideal conditions for settlement of pond biology
  • Natural materials used in your garden
  • Unique design - based on the most beautiful lakes in the world
  • High inherent stability
  • Uniform density of material in the entire preformed pond
  • Frost proof
  • Environmentally friendly
  • 100 % recyclable
  • 15 year guarantee

* Due to the size and Weight is only suitable for collection only

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