Marina Aquarium 84l Starter Kit White


The Marina 84L glass aquarium is now fitted with energy efficient LED lighting. This new feature eliminates the need to change bulbs, making aquarium maintenance easier than ever.

The aquarium is available in black or white to suit any decor. The included Marina Power Filter effectively filters water through 3 stages of filtration making it a very adaptable, reliable filter for a cleaner and healthier aquarium environment.

The filter's uniquely designed Power Cartridge enables the water to enter the centre of the cartridge for an effective mechanical, chemical and biological filtration process and exit from the polyester foam layer leaving all trapped debris inside the cartridge, ensuring your aquarium water is crystal clear.

Contains :

  •  84L Glass Aquarium and matching light canopy
  •  Equipped with Energy Efficient LED Lighting
  •  Marina i160 filter
  •  100w heater
  •  LCD Thermometery
  •  New hinged canopy for easy feeding and aquarium maintenance

Aquarium Dimensions W 80cm x D 30cm x H 35cm (84l)

* Due to the size and fragile nature of the product, it is only available for collection only.

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