Evolution Aqua Easy Pod Air Complete Pond Filter Grey + UVC


A compact member of the Nexus family, the EazyPod Complete is a mechanical and biological filter system for garden ponds up to 10,000 litres. The EazyPod Complete utilises static K1 Media, which provides enhanced biological benefits, even when using the EazyPod Complete solely as a mechanical waste filter. Unlike the EazyPod and EazyPodAir, the EazyPod Complete benefits from having an integrated 18 Watt UVC built in to the inlet section of the filter. This makes it a complete filter system in one, helping to eradicate green water, therefore delivering crystal clear and healthy water for your fish.

* Pond Filter Pump Required Sold Separately

Please see Delivery information at the bottom of this page.

How the EazyPod Complete works

Water from the pond enters the EazyPod Complete via the inlet, cascading around the 18 Watt UV-C bulb, where any algae will be exposed to the UV-C radiation. The water then flows around the circumference of the outer chamber of the EazyPod Complete, passing through the stainless steel grill causing many of the larger solids to be filtered out and settle in the base of the outer chamber. This is the first stage of mechanical filtration. As water enters the central chamber, through the stainless steel grill, the fine smaller solids become trapped in the mass of K1 Micro. Bio-films build up on the protected surface area within each piece of media, allowing biological filtration to take place. After passing through the K1 Micro, the clean water then rises and overflows into the inner return pipe and flows back to the pond via the outlet. The EazyPod Complete is incredibly simple to clean. The connected air pump is used during the cleaning cycle to agitate the K1 Micro to free up any debris and waste that has built up within the filter. All EazyPod Complete models are supplied with a 70 litre per minute air pump and accessory kit.

Installation Equipment Required

1. Pond Pump. Please ensure that the pump’s maximum actual flow rate is no more than the specified limits of 10,000lph.

2. Pipe work from the unit’s waste valves to the intended discharge point. This can be rigid pipe work or a simple flexible hose of at least 1inch diameter.

3. Outlet Pipe (3" or 4")

Installation - PUMP FED ONLY EazyPod Complete can only be installed on PUMP FED set-ups. Pump Fed Set-Ups By this we mean that if your pump is going to be used to supply the water to the filter, and the filtered water then returns back into your pond via gravity, i.e. down a waterfall, or through a large diameter pipe, this is referred to as PUMP FED (i.e. the water is fed to the filter using a pump).


The Easypod arrives as a large package on a pallet approximately 50kg+. The item is delivered to the Kerbside only. Please read our terms and conditions for more information. The filter arrives direct from the manufacturer via TNT (Free of Charge). Delivery is monday-friday excluding Bank holidays. Please allow 2-3 working days for Dispatch. We will keep you updated on the progress of your delivery.

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