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  • Suitable for catching and removing fish
  • Reduced risk of fish injury thanks to fine net structure
  • Also ideal for other practical uses such as removing foliage, duckweed and algae
  • Includes high-quality aluminium telescopic handle

The Oase Extra Large Round Pond Net has a large round head, fitted with a 2mm soft mesh making it suitable for a range of uses, including catching and relocating fish.

The Extra Large Round Pond Net is equipped with a premium quality, aluminium telescopic handle which can be adjusted from 90cm to 160cm.

With a total reach of 216cm the Oase Extra Large Round Pond Net is ideal for small to medium ponds.

Oase's enlarged range of assorted pond tools make the maintenance of your pond quick and easy.

Their sturdy nets with high-quality telescopic handles make short work of catching and moving fish.

The pond nets are also ideal for other applications such as removing debris, foliage, algae and duckweed.

Oase Pond Net Extra Large Round Specs:
- Net Size (L x W x H): 56 x 56 x 32cm
- Net Shape: Round
- Mesh Size: 2mm
- Handle Type: Telescopic
- Handle Length Min: 90cm
- Handle Length Max: 160cm
- Total Length Max: 216cm