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AquaOne Netting Bag 12x18" is ideal for the use with carbon, carbon can be used for removing toxins and medication. Carbon can also be used to remove tannings released from drift wood or bogwood. AquaOne Zeolite could also be used with this product and will help break down Ammonia, which in turn will help to manage the Nitrogen Cycle. 

We have 5 sizes of the Filter Netting Bags ranging from small, medium, large, extra large and extra extra large.

AquaOne Netting Bag will allow easy access to filter media for changing or cleaning. These netting bags come with drawstring top for easy access and allow to be re-used and clean media inside or change media.

The AquaOne Netting Bags are safe to use in freshwater or marine aquarium and are durable and re-usable. can be used to put in carbon, zeolite, phosguard etc.

  • Suits any granular filter media: carbon, zeolite etc.
  • Drawstring top for easy access
  • Rinse and reuse
  • Safe in freshwater, coldwater or seawater
  • Dimensions: 12" x 18"