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Keep your pond ice-free throughout the winter!

If the pond surface freezes over in winter, it can be fatal for the fish. With a closed ice cover the gas exchange cannot take place, and the fish do not get any oxygen.

Easily solved with the Pontec ice preventer PondoPolar. Consisting of polystyrene, it prevents the pond from completely freezing over and ensures gas exchange via its ventilation slots!

Made of polystyrene the PondoPolar is a float device which will stop a small area of your pond surface from freezing over. Effective down to temperatures of -10°C, the vent slots will allow harmful gases out and fresh oxygen in.

As well as the vent slots the ingenious design also incorporates a ballast chamber that can be used to weigh the device down using sand to create a semi-submerged placement, or to stop it from blowing away in high winds.

Including 2 year guarantee!

With the PondoPolar, your fish will also be happy in the cold season!

  • Prevents your pond from completely freezing over - keeps your fish safe
  • Design incorporates vent slots for gas exchange
  • Incorporates ballast chamber to weigh down device
  • Can be used to -10°C