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Artificial planting for aquariums can offer fish a fantastic place to hide and a wide selection of obstacles to weave in and out of. The Vibrance Blue Rotala plant is a perfect addition for beginners, taking away the stress of time consuming aquarium maintenance. Artificial aquarium plants need cleaning rarely and offer a beautiful eye catching focal feature whilst simultaneously complimenting the stunning colours of your fish and corals. 

The Vibrance Blue Rotalaa is realistic looking and elegant. Perfect for adding a splash of colour to those aquariums with lot of green and brown tones, the plant provides contrast and provides fish with stimulation, allowing young fry to move in and out of the textured stems effortlessly.. 

Artificial plants for aquariums are also brilliant for mimicking a natural environment for your fish and other tank inhabitants whether they be large or small. Enhancing the natural behavior, feeding and reproduction cycles of your fish, the plants can provide shelter and a place to hide away when needed. 

The Vibrance Blue Rotala is a stunning self supporting plant with a study gravel base. It works well with sand, pebbles and stones to create detail and interest in aquariums of various sizes. With no special lighting, equipment or food needed for preserving these high quality artificial fish tank plants, the Vibrance Blue Rotala eradicates the need to replace real life plants and certainly won't fall prey to hungry fish!

Note: Images for illustration purposes only.

1 plant per order

  • Beautiful vivid artificial planting for aquariums large and small
  • Affordable solution to real life plants
  • Eradicates the need to replace real life plants
  • Won't fall prey to hungry fish
  • Minimal maintenance requirements
  • Compliments the stunning colours of your aquatic inhabitants
  • Adds interest to your aquatic display
  • Provides stimulation in the form of obstacles for fish to weave in and out of
  • Enhances natural behavior of you fish by providing shelter and protection
  • Height: 30cm