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Summer Pond Accessories

Summer Pond Accessories

Jan 06, 2021

Summer Pond Accessories

At Southern Aquatics we boast a huge variety of pond products. Whether you are creating a fresh build to house some wonderful fish, or providing some maintenance to an existing pond to bring it back to life, here’s an insight on some of the best products we have available both in store, and online to help you make some improvements to your pond this summer.

Pond Lighting

One of the best ways to create a new feature in your pond is with a waterfall to add extra water movement, promote better oxygen levels and add an interesting look to the pond.
This feature doesn’t have to be complicated and we sell several easy to install products to help you carry out this upgrade, one even with LED lighting for a better view during those summer evenings.

Here are our top two picks from our ever expanding pond range we think you might like:

Another way to add a new look to your pond could be via some lighting to liven up the area during those summer evenings spent relaxing in the garden. We have a wide range of solar powered and mains wired lighting systems to provide you with the best system for your garden. Some lights are also available in mulit-sets in order to give more light for those larger ponds. We suggest taking a look at the Blagdon LED’s, Pontec Lily LED’s and Pontec PondoStar LED.

All Important Water Treatment

It is often forgotten to take proper care of the water in your pond in order to keep it in top condition. There are several water treatments created to help you maintain that perfect clear water to enjoy looking at throughout summer.

A combination of factors such as UV rays contribute towards the growth of algae in a pond leading to the creation of treatments such as Cloverleaf Blanket Answer and Tetra’s Pond AlgoRem to help combat these issues. For a more natural alternative to neutralise algae, perfect for nature ponds, try using Blagdon’s Barley Straw.

Finally, our favourite treatment to promote healthy, clear water all year round is Evolutions Aqua’s Pure Pond which contains live bacteria slowly released over time to break down organic waste promoting a natural balance in your water quality.


Luscious Pond Plants

Pond plants are a must when it comes to sprucing up for summer, adding a hit of colour and life to the area. There are many different types of plants appropriate to add to your pond, some preferring deeper water and others wanting to be kept in the shallow edges.
Some of the best plants to ensure are a part of your pond are oxygenators to aid in the quality of water and help keep the pond clear and clean. The most commonly available oxygenating plants are Elodia, Myriophyllum crispatum, Hydrocotyle vulgaris, Hippuris vulgaris, Hippuris sulphurea and Hippuris Rubra. Furthermore, pond lily’s can be a vital part of a pond with aquatic life providing shaded cover on hotter days for fish to swim under for relief from the sun’s rays. 

Yummy Fish Food

A final must have accessory this summer for your pond is a suitable selection of food for your fish. It is important to feed them a variety in order to ensure they get a good amount of nutrients and proteins to help support their organs and growth. Here is a selection of great foods to feed alongside your regular choice of fish food:

And if you are enjoying a holiday this summer why not take a look at Evolution Aqua’s automatic pond fish feeder to keep you loved fish fed while you are away.