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Our Guide to Eco-Friendly Pet Products

Our Guide to Eco-Friendly Pet Products

Jun 22, 2021

Our Guide to Eco-Friendly Pet Products

RESPLOOT: Reducing plastic waste, one bottle at a time.


That plastic bottle you just threw in the bin… Out of sight and out of mind. No longer your problem, is it? However, billions of other people just did the same thing. Behind closed doors, single use plastic has become one of the largest problems every organism on Earth faces. 480 billion Plastic bottles are produced every single year, 13 million tons of it reaching our oceans in the same timeframe. This means by 2050, The Ocean will contain more plastic by weight than fish…

Figures like this are horrifying! Luckily, companies such as Hagen are coming up with their own initiatives to try and tackle the problem head on. This is where RESPLOOT comes in.

RESPLOOT, the combination of “recycle” and “Sploot”. Sploot being the comfortable position animals lay in to cool down and relax! Hagen wanted products that bring animals comfort using materials from a sustainable source. They take used plastic bottles, shred them down and form pellets with them. The pellets are made into polyester yarns that can be woven into beautiful dog toys and pet bedding. This recycled polyester releases 75% less CO2 emissions than virgin polyester.

RESPLOOT products are completely back by WWF (worldwide fund for nature). The RESPLOOT pet toys resemble endangered animals, bringing awareness to all the other species on our planet affected by plastic waste.



Fluval Bug Bites: Sustainable fish nutrition, replicating natural diet at the same time.

We all know our typical pet fish don’t eat flakes in the wild… so what do they eat? Insects! They hang around rivers, they live and breed in rivers. Insects provide fish with a whole range of nutrition. Your typical fish food most likely contains large amounts of fish protein, additives and preservatives. Fish meal is also taken from the ocean to make these foods, depleting ocean resources. Fluval bug bites Focuses on using insects for your fish’s diet. It’s far easier for them to digest, making less waste in your fish tank. Therefore, this leads to less tank maintenance and more time enjoying your fish tank instead!

Fluval bug bites primarily using Black soldier larvae in their products. They have an excellent amino acid profile, easily digestible, high in protein and low in carbs. The taste also appeals to fish as it resembles part of their natural diet.

The best thing about Fluval bug bites, is how sustainable the production process is. The larvae are cultivated and raised on unconsumed fruits and vegetables that would have otherwise gone to landfill. The Larvae are then mixed with high quality Salmon, essential amino acids and minerals to offer a nutritious daily diet. Fluval bug bites have a range of different fish feeds to accommodate all sorts of fish, crustaceans and even turtles! Fluval are really taking the initiative to prevent food waste and reduce the amount of carbon emissions used to make their products!