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How to Keep Your Pond Clear & Healthy

How to Keep Your Pond Clear & Healthy

May 05, 2021

How to Keep Your Pond Clear and Healthy

With the emergence of Summer, keeping our Garden Ponds Clear and Healthy can be a real challenge. The longer days and warmer weather can result in our Ponds becoming plagued by nuisance blanketweed and green water.

There are several steps you can take to prevent or treat such blooms of algae to create your Clear and Healthy Pond…

  • The use of Algae Treatments
  • Installation Filtration and UVC
  • Creating a Natural Balance
  • There is a wide range of effective Treatments that can help keep the Pond Clear and Healthy. The use of Barley Straw is a natural way of controlling both Green water and Blanket weed within the pond, but it can take between 2-4 weeks to start to work. Well known products such as Blagdon Greenaway and Tetra Algorem can start to clear a pond of green water within a few days. Cloverleaf Blanket Answer is one of the best-selling Blanket Weed products and too can start to control the growth within a few days. Most of these products if dosed correctly are safe to the wildlife within the pond.
  • Installing a pond filter and UVC may be the only way to guarantee crystal clear water during the summer months. The use of a Pond Ultraviolet Clarifier is by far the most effective way of controlling green water. Filters come in a range of size to suit most size ponds. For smaller ponds, you can get complete Inpond filters that are completely submerged. Medium to large ponds would require an external filter box or pressure filter that would be situated outside the pond.
  • Ultimately every pond will experience some form of algae some time, our goal is to try and achieve a natural balance. This balance can take time to achieve, but following these easy steps, it is achievable. A pond in direct sunlight for most of the day can be plagued by the growth of nuisance algae, the use of shading (Surface Pond Plants, External Planting or use of a Pagoda), can significantly reduce the impact. Ponds over time accumulate waste and if this waste is not removed, then it is broken down into nutrients that fuel the algae. Regular removal of leaf litter and detritus can help to lower this nutrient source. Adding a wide range of pond plants (particularly fast-growing oxygenators) will help compete with the uptake of nutrients against these nuisance algae.
  • Do not overstock and overfeed your fish.
  • Regular Seasonal maintenance
  • Addition of a range of pond and garden plants across the different planting zones of your pond
  • Establishment of sufficient Shading