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Explore our Poole Store!

Explore our Poole Store!

Aug 23, 2021

Explore our Poole Store!

For those of you wandering what our store is all about and what variety of products we sell; this blog will give you a good insight into our huge collection of pet products and supplies.

After entering our store, you’ll most definitely notice the vibrant colours of the many garden plants filling the trolleys around the doors to the entrance. One thing that often suprises our customers when they come in is the size of our store. Southern Aquatics proudly boasts over 10,000 square foot of space, complete with a wide range of products to cater for any type of pet. The size of our store allows us to cater for: aquatic life, reptiles, small mammals, birds, wildlife gardens, ponds, cats, dogs and more!

The first section of the store is, as the name might suggest, the aquarium section. This if filled with products for every type of aquarium owner, from plastic plants and little tanks to specialist lighting and aqua-scaping products. Alongside a large variety of tropical, cold water and brackish fish species available for purchase. We have over 200 tanks filled with fish for sale, from shrimp and nano species, to brightly coloured livebearers, to smaller and larger growing cichlids and predatory species.

You’ll discover the huge range of aquariums starting with small and simple set-ups to high range and larger tanks for a bigger variety of fish. We stock aquariums from well-known suppliers including: Interpet, Fluval, Jewel, AquaOne, Ciano and more. One of our best sellers is the Ciano 30 LED complete start up set as it comes with a filter and LED lighting system which is perfect for first time fish keepers for a few smaller fish. For those of you looking for a more grand looking addition to your home, perhaps our AquaOne Oakstyle range of larger aquariums in a range of different shades are more suited to you.

Moving on from there is the aquascaping section of the shop with something suitable for everyone’s capabilities. This area of the shop houses fake plants, ornaments and colourful gravel for fun and easy to keep tanks as well as live aquatic plants & moss, CO2 products, scaping tools, plant foods and professional grade soil substrate. Alongside these things is the huge range of rocks and wood suitable for both low and high maintenance tanks to provide a more natural look and environment for your aquatic life to enjoy.

The next few aisles of the shop cover all your dry good needs for your aquariums. This starts with a smaller marine section stocking treatments, wave-makers and marine species foods and leads onto the aquarium food aisle. It is of vital importance fish are fed a varied diet to ensure they get the correct nutrition and remain interested in their food. For these reasons Southern Aquatics is proud to provide one of the largest ranges of aquarium food in the south from flakes & pellets to freeze dried foods to frozen & live foods (e.g. brine shrimp, bloodworm, muscle).

Leading on you will find all of the equipment for your tanks including, but not limited to:

  • Filters (internal & external)
  • Heaters
  • Filtration Media
  • Air Pumps
  • Air Pump Accessories
  • Thermometers
  • Nets
  • Fry Tanks
  • Siphons & Gravel Cleaners

The next section of our shop is the pond and garden section spread out between the inside area, greenhouse and outdoor area of the shop. The inside area consists of shelves filled with all of your electrical needs for ponds including:

  • Pumps
  • Filtration & Media
  • UV Systems & Bulbs
  • Air Pumps
  • Pond Lighting
  • Pond Vacuums
  • Electrical switch Boxes
  • Solar Powered Pumps & Lights
  • Fittings & Hosing

Just at the entrance of the greenhouse is the fishing tackle area consisting of plenty of dry goods. This includes a huge mixture of baits such as boilies, pellets and seed mixes. To add to this there are rods, reels, landing mats & nets. And if that is not enough we also do plenty of accessories like grills, rigs, tools, floats, liquids, boxes, buckets and plenty more!

Moving through to the greenhouse the first thing you will want to explore is the brand new pond fish system we have built to provide a good selection of fish ranging from goldfish species, to koi carp, to sturgeons & sterlets and often orfe and grass carp too!

Laid out around this feature of the greenhouse is everything you will need to care for your fish friends. On one side are the treatments and medications used to keep your pond clear and your fish healthy, our favourite treatment on this section being Tetra’s Medifin which combined with pond salt can help cure the most common illnesses that occur in fish. The favourite treatment from this section is most defiantly cloverleaf blanket answer, closely followed by pond bombs to add beneficial bacteria to your pond and help keep the water crystal clear.

On the opposite side of the greenhouse is our pond fish food section, boasting the top leading brands in fish food: Tetra, Fish Science and NishiKoi. We also have our own brand of fish food which is enjoyed by all of our fish throughout the shop and available for purchase so your fish, both pond and aquarium, can enjoy it too!

At the far end of this area you will come across the ever growing garden section consisting of tools for keeping those plants trimmed and cared for, pots to display your plants in, gloves to keep your hands safe while carrying out garden maintenance and a few other bits and bobs to help you keep your garden looking beautiful.

As you exit the garden section you will walk out into the outdoor area of the shop where it’s everything ponds! Rows of pond plants, including oxygenators, are spread out accompanied by more garden plants to help add colour and life to your garden. There’s also a large variety of preformed ponds to explore in a range of shapes and sizes so there will always be something for any size garden whether you are looking to add a nature pond or fish pond.  Alongside these are the sacks of aquatic compost, gravel, shingle, rocks and garden compost.

Whilst wandering around the outdoor area you will notice stone garden ornaments for sale if you are looking for that bit of character to add between your plants. At the far end of the garden section is our own pond housing varies types of fish and some extremely large koi that you don’t want to miss out on seeing! And if you bring the kids they can purchase food at the till to go out and feed these guys with during the summer. In this area of the garden you’ll also find our latest build which we are hoping to turn into a coffee shop for customers to enjoy in-between browsing, so watch this space.

Moving back inside the next part of the store, and possibly the most exciting for many people, is where we keep the livestock. The reptiles are the first of many animals you will see in this part including geckos, dragons, tortoises, turtles, skinks, tegus and a variety of snakes.  You will then notice our steadily growing amphibian range including frogs, toads and axolotls. Beside all of this is our snake cabinets hosting different types of royal pythons, corn snakes, boas, king snakes, garters, ribbons and more! Just around the corner from that is our love it or hate it cabinet... the spiders and scorpions. There is always a good range of invertebrates in this cabinet and most of the time there is a less commonly seen and beautiful spider waiting for its new home. If you are brave enough to look closely in this cabinet you’ll notice we also stock some stunning mantis species such as the orchid, giant asian and ghost.

Moving across from there is the recently installed animal island created to house all of our small mammals. Here we keep the hamsters (Syrian and dwarf species), mice, gerbils, degus, guinea pigs and occasionally something slightly different such as duprasi gerbils. Just beside this you will not be able to miss the presence of the birds as the chirp away to each other. Every few weeks there is something different in these cages though we always stock budgies the other cages could be housing anything at your time of visit including: cockatiels, conures, love birds, kakarikis, lorikeets, caiques, rosellas and more!

As a responsible pet store we choose not to sell animals that are in abundance at rescue centres such as rats and rabbits. Additionally, we are very careful as to which species of reptiles and snakes we sell and make sure to keep in mind that selling larger animals would be irresponsible.

Of course the next two sections of the shop include everything you’ll ever need to care for your pet. Starting with the reptile section there are many aisles stocking all dry goods including:

  • Substrate
  • UV Lighting
  • Heat Lamps & Mats
  • Thermostats
  • Thermometers & Hydrometers
  • Misting Systems
  • Dry Foods & Live Food (Insects) & Frozen Snake Food
  • Enclosures – Vivariums, Terrariums, Tortoise Tables etc.
  • Wood & Rock
  • Hides, Bowls & Enrichment
  • Accessories
  • Starter Kits
  • Reptile Safe Plants

In the middle of the store are where the dog & cat sections are located, once again stocking everything you’ll need and more to spoil your pets with. It begins with medications, shampoos, treatments and grooming equipment to keep your pet in tip top condition at all times.

As you move through these aisles you will discover immense amount of treats and complete diets to suit every individual dog’s and cat’s needs. We are proud to have a selection of freezers frilled with natures menu and country hunter frozen food for a more natural diet as well as an aisle dedicated to dry foods with brands like Healthy Paws, Burgess, Iams, Eukanuba, Harringtons and Whiskas.

We’d name all the brands and types of treats we stock for dogs but honestly there’s so many it’d go on forever so here are some of the best sellers we stock: Country Hunter, Good Boy, Drools, Purina Bonios, Zeus. And if we were going to list the doggy visitors favourite it would be our loose variety of treats such as pigs, lambs and cow ears, puffed snouts and trotters! If that isn’t enough there is also a Pick n’ Mix bakery of dog treats to allow you to pick a selection of your dog’s favourite treats all in one bag.

 Towards the further end of the shop there’s dog beds and animal crates with enough selection to suit every budget and every sized animal. Just beside this is where the cat toys and cat litter sits, with plenty in abundance at all times.
Then there is the doggy wall of heaven... the toys!! An entire wall filled with toys; soft ones, chewy ones, hard ones, freez-able ones, fluffy ones, balls and balls, tug of war ropes and of course the super squeaky ones. This wall is guaranteed to excite your dog and provide plenty of entertainment for them both picking out their favourites and trying to tear them apart when they get home.

Continuing on is the collar, lead and harness aisle, catering for all shapes and sizes again as well as behaviours too. We have harnesses for those who really love to pull, in sizes extra small through to extras large. An abundance of leads and collars in a range of sizes and colours to allow you to make sure your dog is looking their best whilst strutting down the street. Whilst for those owners needing a little more control when out on walks we also have muzzles in a few different materials and shapes to find one best suited to your dogs needs.

As you reach the very far end of the shop the area consists of small mammal, domestic bird, wild bird and poultry goods. We have a growing selection of poultry goods including food, water dispensers and treats.

Beside this is small mammal and rodent area consisting of:

  • Hay, Wood shavings & Sawdust
  • Other Substrates
  • Foods – Hamster, Gerbil, Guinea Pig, Rabbit, Degu, etc.
  • Bowls, Hides & Toys
  • Treatments & Shampoo
  • Cages/Enclosures
  • Treats & Enrichment

In the very corner and along the back wall of the shop you find the bird section. This is split into two parts, the domestic and the wild. The domestic section includes absolutely everything needed to keep pet birds from a range of cages, sand sheets & grit, food, toys, bowls, treats and medications.

While the wild bird section contains many types of seeds suitable for different birds that may be enjoying your garden. The leading brand of this section is Henry Bell with peanuts, mealworms, no mess seed mix, sunflower hearts, fat balls, suet blocks and more. There are both small and large sacks of the different seeds available depending on how much you find the birds go through, though if you want to take a personalised quantity we have a loose food section for you to weigh out how much you’d prefer to purchase. Amongst all the food are also the hanging holders to provide the food in, from standard plastic to metal to squirrel proof feeders. There is also a small hedgehog section at this end of the shop with dry and wet food as well as houses to help give them somewhere warm and dry to sleep.

As you make your way out of this section you will pass by the independently run Groomers (GeeRoomers). Gee is a hard working groomer who will always put your dog’s needs first, working with any breed big or small. To get in touch with her just ask in store or visit her Facebook page at GeeRoomers.

So that is a little insight into exactly what Southern Aquatics & Pets contains. Wall to wall and shelf after shelf of dry goods as well as tank after tank of livestock waiting for you to explore and take home. We’ve always got a member of staff around to provide advice whether you are looking into a new pet or making improvements and changes for one you already own. It’s always worth a visit as we frequently change things round to make space for new brands and products that you don’t want to miss out on!

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