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5 Tips For Training Your New Puppy

5 Tips For Training Your New Puppy

May 20, 2021

5 Tips For Training Your New Puppy

We are often asked for tips on training customers new puppies.

Here we have chosen the 5 most common pieces of advice to help you get the best results from your training.

  1. Start training from day 1. Find out what motivates your new friend, is it a certain toy, ball or treat & use this for positive reinforcement. Always reward good behavior and ignore any unwanted behaviour, remember your puppy is a baby and is learning from you.
  2. Be consistent, use the same words when teaching the pup a new command. Keep going it can take a while for simple things for a new puppy to understand so be patient and this will pay off.
  3. Keep things simple, tricks can come later. Concentrate on what you need the puppy to learn, simple commands such as sit & stay give a great foundation for the puppies future alongside basic toilet training to avoid those unwanted accidents indoors. Lots of practice and rewards in the form of small treats and playing with a favourite toy after the puppy has been to the toilet outside. Repeat things little and often is key, keep on going outside with the puppy, reward when he stays or sits.
  4. Crate training can be an excellent tool with a new puppy, this gives a secure and safe area where your new puppy can go when tired or unsure of things, make the crate as comfy as possible (always leave the door open except during the night) and place somewhere quiet and make it clear this is the puppies space. Never use a crate as a punishment only as a place the puppy will want to go.
  5. Nipping can be common in young dogs and must be discouraged, if this is happening during playtime and the puppy is getting carried away stop the play for a few moments with a firm no and ignore any behaviors surrounding this, keep things calm to avoid the puppy getting carried away and if the puppy is teething get toys to help it chew away some of those frustrations.

These are just some basic tips and if you are struggling we strongly recommend going to puppy training classes, find a good personal dog trainer who has a good reputation and keep on socialising your new puppy, dogs can learn lots from new doggie friends.

Here is a list of products we recommend to help with your new adventure.