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3 Tips To Create The Perfect Aquarium

3 Tips To Create The Perfect Aquarium

Feb 08, 2021

3 Tips to Create The Perfect Aquarium

At Southern Aquatics and Pets, the welfare of our fish is of most utter importance! So, we decided that we would make 3, of what we think, are the VERY BEST tips for anyone who is wishing to explore this fun, fishy and Fanatical Hobby, that is Fishkeeping. We can assure our customers, that if sticking to these tips, they will have a HEALTHY, HAPPY and BALANCED Aquarium.

Water Changes…good water quality is essential in order for your fish to be vibrant and healthy. Water changes of around 20/25% allow for the pH levels in your tank to reset, as well as removing any excess nitrates (which if left to accumulate, would cause general stress, thus weakening the fish’s immune system – leading to higher susceptibility to disease!) and Phosphates in your tank.

The whole point of a water change in an aquarium is to take out the old, used water and replace with newly treated freshwater – to keep the aquarist’s tank nice and stable.

What will I need for a water change?

In order to perform a water change in an aquarium, you should use the dual combination of a bucket and a siphon.

We, at Southern Aquatics and Pets, sell a variety of siphons in a variety of size options for any tank! Here, you can take a look at what affordable and great siphons we have to offer:

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Helping the filter out…every month you should be cleaning your filter out to basically “service” it. The filter is the centre point of the nitrogen cycle inside of your aquarium – meaning this is the place where toxic nitrogenous compounds like Ammonia and Nitrites are converted into less toxic forms, due to the presence of helpful bacteria.

The filter is what traps all the fish waste and holds it, however if it is left to bung itself up, there is a high chance that the nasty chemicals will contaminate for fish’s aquarium.

How and What will I need to clean my Filter?

Cleaning your filter out is pretty easy, all you need to do is clean out any dirt-smothered filter inserts and replace if need be, as well as cleaning any various filtration media being used. You should only use de-chlorinated tap water, or water taken out of the tank (via a water change) when cleaning your filter out – to avoid any of this helpful bacteria from being killed.

At Southern Aquatics and Pets, we sell a variety of Aquarium bacteria, these can be used in any tank! Here, you can take a look at our bestselling bacteria which we have to offer:

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Testing your water…water Quality is the most essential aspect in the world of fishkeeping. It is important that you maintain good water quality, at all times, or keep it as close as the optimum requirements are for the specific species of fish you are caring for.

It is important that you “know your fish” in the sense, that you know their usual behaviour and manor, so that if any water parameters are not up to the standards that the fish requires, you will be able to investigate what is wrong...that’s where testing your water comes in.

We recommend that you test your aquarium water after each water change and whenever you notice that your fish are behaving in an abnormal behaviour.

Most test kits will test for the main water parameters including:

-pH, KH, NH3, N02, NO3, PO4.

How do I test my aquarium water?

Most water test kits will come with instructions on how to use them. The main two ways in which you can test your water is by using Dip test kits, and/or liquid reagent test kits.

Dip test kits are quite simple, and are mainly used for quick results (as most of these dip kits give you results in a minute’s time).

Liquid reagent test kits, although pricier, are MUCH more efficient and accurate. These will have instructions on how to test for each parameter, so that you don’t get stuck.

At Southern Aquatics and Pets, we have a bestseller, an all-in-one liquid reagent test kit by no other than NT Labs. Here you can view the test kit:

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