We know reptiles and reptiles know us!

If you love Herp’s then you will love our reptile, amphibian and bug section.

We have a huge reptile department and stock all the leading brands including Hagen Exo terra, komodo, peregrine Livefoods, arcadia, vet ark and N&D. There really is everything you could need for your lizard, snake, tortoise, spider or insects. If it’s a plain old rub to keep your snake in or a full blown bio set up you will find what you need here instore.

We don’t believe you can find fresher live food locally and with deliveries coming in twice a week we always have lots of choice from locust (5 sizes), crickets (6 sizes), mealworms (3 sizes), morio worms, fruit beetle grubs, fruit flies, curly wing flies, earth worms (2 sizes), calci worms and cockroaches.

Our livestock selection is one of the biggest & best in the south, we keep something for everyone whether it’s a new land snail for a beginner or a rare chameleon for a breeding project, we keep a great selection of lizards, snakes, tortoises, turtles, spider, insects and all the other bugs you would expect. With new deliveries of animals coming in twice a week there is always something new to see and with our vast range of contacts we can also source some of the more unusual reptiles you don’t always see in pet stores.

We also breed lots of our own reptiles in store, we have a colony of Rankins dragons who produce some fantastic colour babies, we have a small but growing colony of day gecko species which produce a few babies each year and we breed our own crested geckos for sale in store when they are ready. A lot of our reptiles come directly from our customers who have successfully bred many of the animals purchased from us over the years.

With many years’ experience in the trade we believe it’s important to source animals responsibly so where possible and only ever keep reptiles which will adapt to captivity well, we do not stock any reptile which will grow large or customers will have problems rehoming should something go wrong


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